frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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Hairlines is taking every possible precaution to keep our Service Providers and Customers safe. We follow OSHA laws for proper disinfection of all our equipment and hardware tools to prevent the spread of infection or disease. We follow the CDC guidelines for your health and safety.

Hairlines highest priority is safety for both our potential customers and providers. All of our service providers are fully vetted being background checked and we make sure that they have the proper licensure for the job.

Hairlines is an on demand app company that connects professional barbers and Stylist to customers who want a convenient haircut in the comfort of their home, office or facility.

Hairlines provide a variety of clipper and scissor haircutting and hairstyling services for men, women and kids which includes short and long styles of your choice

Hairlines is accessible through our company website at hairlinesondemand.com, our company emailing us at support@hairlines.app

You can find our company policy on our website www.hairlinesondemand.com